We welcome pets

We welcome your dog as a short-term guest. Just let us know the pet is with you so that we won’t let it out when we clean.  Also, we have to ask that you tend to the dog if they are a barker, not leaving it in the room alone.   We have had issues with dog scratching, barking and carpet pulls so we need to avoid these issues to continue being receptive to pets. Please help us! Don’t leave towels or mats on the floor for the dog to chew. These are all costs to us.

While here, we ask dogs be walked by leash for the comfort and safety of our guests. We have lots of grounds away from the building to walk and so long as you use the field or wooded area, no bagging is necessary. Please feel free to use our 16 acres but bag it if your dog cannot wait and is too close to any building.

Sorry, we do not permit any pet on an extended stay basis. As well, we need to discuss issues before renting to cat owners.  With a septic system, we have to carefully guard that NOTHING is dumped into the system. We can provide extra bags so that litter debris can be removed to the dumpster regularly.

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