Fish Cleaning Area

For the benefit of our guests only,  we offer an area to clean fish during the season.  It is located by the pole barn with access to our hose to rinse things. Just make sure to rehang the hose and shut it off because it is our motel water well source.

fish stationThere is electric in the area for knives and an overhead light.

Please rinse things off when you are done. This is a very popular area late afternoons and the fishing folks line up to get access. Please be patient or pick a less popular time to come in.

Room 23 Details

This is the only single non-smoking room in the building. We rent the other doubles in the front as singles but this is the only one with a single queen sized bed. Sorry, no king sized beds in our location!

Room 20 Details

The first room on front east side is Room 20, a non-smoking double. All rooms are on the ground level with a very slight step up from the gravel parking area.  Park right in front of the room to enter. We just updated the sink in the room and added the flat screen set. This room has two double beds and is reserved as a single, a double or as accommodation for 3-4 people bunking up.