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Cancellation Policy

Why a cancellation policy?  We are so small that we need to keep the rooms full to be able to keep our competitive room rates for your benefit. So, if guests are considerate and notify us early, we often have a waiting list to backfill rooms. HELP US or else it will affect our rates.

For Cancellations: Between March 15th and November 15th:

For weekend or holiday reservations:   Canceling a reservation before 6pm (local hotel time) on the Wednesday of the week you are due (48 hr cancellation policy) will result in no charge to the guest. Canceling a reservation after 6pm (local hotel time)  Wednesday, or failing to show at all, will result in a charge equal to the first night’s stay to your credit card. Taxes may apply.

Failing to call or show on the first night of your reservation will result in cancellation of the remainder of the reservation. If an emergency and you will call us quickly to cancel, we will do our best to rent the room; if so, there will  be no charge to you.

If a guest reservation includes Fri/Sat but the guest departs early without adequate notice, an early departure fee (1/2 room rate plus tax) will be incurred by the guest due to late notification on a weekend. No charge if we rent the room.

Showing up after we close?

If you are traveling and want to check in after our hours,  give us a call when we are open.  If we have a room to meet your needs, we can get you in after we close, just know that you need a valid CC#  in advance.  We have been using a system for years so please, don’t hesitate and let us know how we can help. Of course, if you become a regular,  I think the phrase is ” we’ll leave the light on.” me 2015