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Fall-time Fishing?

exterior-2015cWe are open!

If you are fishing early, we DO not open before 10am so call ahead and if we have the room open the night before, we can arrange to get you in early.

But sorry, we cannot get you in without arrangements because many rooms have to be cleaned early and normal check-in is 1pm when rooms are ready.

Fall Hours:  10 am to 8 pm

Love your Comments

We would love your comments to our site.  HOWEVER,  to ask about a room availability, please email or call us.  With only 15 rooms, the response time on this site is too slow and you won’t get the room(s) you want.

Email us:    sunsetmotelpa@gmail.com

Phone us:  (814) 922-3550

I am really trying to ensure your privacy so responding directly on this site is too visible and too slow to ensure accuracy.  Thank you!

Showing up after we close?

If you are traveling and want to check in after our hours,  give us a call when we are open.  If we have a room to meet your needs, we can get you in after we close, just know that you need a valid CC#  in advance.  We have been using a system for years so please, don’t hesitate and let us know how we can help. Of course, if you become a regular,  I think the phrase is ” we’ll leave the light on.” me 2015